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Priyanka Sharma

Jul 1, 2009, 5:00:55 AM7/1/09
Hi All

I am sorry to updating you late with my project status.
I was having electricity problem in my building so could not access network :(
Anyways, as I was doing some testing on rfork() that was added in glendix. It took me a lot of time because I had to write a assembly program and initially i had to get familiar with inline assembly.
After that some how I was not able to pass correct values in rfork. I set the parameter in userspace when I am calling the rfork() but some how in kernel it was not taking the correct arguments.
Then it took alot of time to identify the problem and now the test of rfork() is completed. In rfork() for RFCNAMEG flag I call unshare() system call which I had been tested already.
Currently, I am implementing mount and umount in glendix which will use new namespace property of rfork() in glendix.

Thanks & Regards

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