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Rahul Murmuria

Apr 24, 2009, 1:48:23 AM4/24/09
New code uploaded --> Under branch slashnet.
socklib.c is not used yet in netfs code, but I plan to use those functions in tcp.c for the commands being written to /net/tcp/n/ctl and data. Also, I have not compiled/tested any of the socket wrapper code.

@Anant: The date is all wrong in the last 2~3 commits. I just realized it. It is because of the suspend of my virtual machine. The system time in my Gentoo never got updated because of no reboots in 15 days. Can the repository be fixed now? Or should I let it go and reboot Gentoo before commit from here on? (or install a ntpd?)

Rahul Murmuria

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