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Welcome to the Google Group for the code GIZMO. This is a general page for users of both the public and private code, to ask for help, clarify questions, discuss issues, etc. 

The code itself is not hosted here. The public version and User's Guide can be found at the website of Phil Hopkins (the code developer). You can also find the hydrodynamic and MHD methods papers there, or on the arXiv. The full development (but proprietary) version of the code is hosted on the Bitbucket repository here. Please be sure you have checked the User's Guide, methods papers, and previous posts on this forum and the Bitbucket wiki and Issue pages before you post anything here -- 99% of questions I get asked are answered in one of these resources.

This is a public forum because it is intended for users of both the public and private codes, so be aware that your comments and posts are visible to all. Please be respectful and considerate -- rudeness or hostile comments will result in your account being immediately banned without question. Our goal here is to help one another, as much as possible. Cheers, Phil.