Repo created on self hosted server but my git account is still associated with it in GitList

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Jason Raveling

Oct 23, 2015, 11:53:02 PM10/23/15
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Hello. To all who have worked on this project, great work!

I just got everything up and running on my self hosted server. I mainly wanted a web interface to see the stats, diffs and history. I Just created a repo on my own server and then on my laptop, I cloned the repo, put my files in and then pushed the commit to my server... it never touched GitHub but for some reason my username and icon/avatar show up in the history on my server. Any ideas why this would happened?

Would it have to do with my `--global` and/or `--global` by any chance?

Also, I'm just curious if there is any progress on creating repos or getting *.git URLs or if there are still plans for it (I thought I saw mention of it while reading about GitList online)... thanks for any help.
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Jason Raveling

Oct 25, 2015, 7:13:02 PM10/25/15
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It was indeed due to my `--global` setting. To change it, all I had to do was `cd` into the cloned repo and `git config someName` and `git config someName@someEmail` .... done. I probably only had to change my email so that Gravatar doesn't pick up that info... I realized it was Gravatar grabbing my photo/icon, not GitHub. But my GitHub.
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