GitBlit SubModule and SSH problem

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Seto Kaiba

Jun 15, 2017, 11:47:43 PM6/15/17
to gitblit
For GitHub and GitLab, they share the same ssh username git like
All the users share the same SSH username git. They differ the user by SSH keys.
For submodules, you have to specify the submodule urls.
Current ssh urls for GitBlit is ssh://username@ip:port/BuildFun.git
Then the username is different for every user.
And others won't able to grab the submodule because the username is different.

Now, I have to use relative path to solve this problem temporarily.
[submodule "SubModule"]
path = SubModule
url = ../SubModule.git

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Jun 22, 2017, 2:05:30 AM6/22/17
to gitblit
I am use 1.8.0.
I  set the like this:
web.showSshDaemonUrls = false
web.showGitDaemonUrls = false
web.showHttpServletUrls = false
# e.g.
# web.otherUrls = ssh://localhost/git/{0} git://localhost/git/{0} https://{1}@localhost/r/{0}
web.advertiseAccessPermissionForOtherUrls = true
you can see the web.otherUrls detail in

Seto Kaiba

Jun 24, 2017, 12:56:37 AM6/24/17
to gitblit
你说的是直接不用ssh了吧。。我说的是ssh的用户名和主流的不一样,不是用通用用户名git的问题,不是通过ssh key来区分。。用,我还是要用ssh的,用个统一的用户名。。
What you say is not to use ssh, right? What I'd like to say is that the ssh in GitBlit is different from the most Git servers. Most Git servers are using git as the username. They only use SSH key to determine the user.
I'd like to keep using ssh. But to use a unified username.

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Florian Zschocke

Nov 8, 2019, 8:56:47 PM11/8/19
to gitblit
Actually you do not have to use a user name in the URL. You can leave it out and then, in your PCs home folder in your .ssh/config file, you can specify the user name to use for you when connecting to this specific server. This would probably solve your problem. This is how we do it.
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