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Welcome to GIFA Token - crypto exchange ( feel free to ask or expressing your views about cryptocurrency in general or any subject related to blockchain technology.  It's good to see you here in the GIFX community! I personally suggest you go through our User Policy and community guideline. 

Introduction: GIFA Token is an exchange and crypto trading platform headquartered in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Create an account on the main website or App is faster and easy.  Sign up and get verified today so that you can start right away with no delay. The time has come for the world to see the true value of the blockchain as a technology that will impact every sector, industries and our lives in general as well as the modern applications that cryptocurrencies build on.  

Investing in crypto is easier than ever with user-friendly platforms like GIFX exchange. The platform offers a multi-currency digital wallet. GIFA Wallet supports over 6 cryptocurrencies and allows users to store, receive, buy, transfer, or convert more than 25 currency pairs. GIFA Wallet is a standalone hot and cold wallet, as soon as you set up an account it is provided for free to use. This digital wallet lets you store digital collectibles, all ERC-20 tokens, BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, DOGE, XRP, USDT, GIFX, LTC, and etc.