Talk Invitation: Iteratees, Oleg Kiselyov (14/8)

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Tom Schrijvers

Aug 12, 2013, 4:04:07 AM8/12/13
to ghent-fpg
Dear Ghent FP group members,

Oleg Kiselyov will give a talk on iteratees this Wednesday August 14 at 14:30 in lecture room V1 of building S9 (campus De Sterre) to which you are kindly invited.

Oleg is famous in the Haskell world and the huge impact of his iteratee work is witnessed by the many implementations and adaptations, which is in turn witnessed by this Cartesian Closed Comic cartoon:


Iteratee IO is a style of incremental input processing with precise
resource control. The style encourages building input processors from
a user-extensible set of primitives by chaining, layering, pairing and
other modes of compositions. The programmer is still able, where
needed, to precisely control look-ahead, the allocation of buffers,
file descriptors and other resources. The style is especially suitable
for processing of communication streams, large amount of data, and
data undergone several levels of encoding such as pickling,
compression, chunking, framing.  It has been used for programming
high-performance (HTTP) servers and web frameworks, in computational
linguistics and financial trading.

The talk will introduce programming with Iteratees in Haskell,
contrasting them with stdio-like IO and Lazy IO and relating to
online parser combinators. The talk will stress principles and
characteristic examples common to all iteratee libraries across
several languages.

prof. dr. ir. Tom Schrijvers

Programming Languages Group
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Ghent

Krijgslaan 281 S9
9000 Gent
Phone: +32 9 264 4805
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