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Jan 6, 2016, 6:44:21 AM1/6/16
to ggplot2
Following the release of ggplot2 v2.0.0 I've started a package, ggforce, for collecting extensions to ggplot2 in the form of new geoms, stats, positions etc. While I do not believe there need to be single source of ggplot2 extension, if you've developed an extension but do not wish to commit to maintaining a package I am very welcoming to pull requests as well as well described feature requests.

The package is in its infancy and only on github ( at the moment (CRAN release will happen once it includes more extensions). Currently it includes:
  • geom_arc/stat_arc for drawing circle segments
  • geom_edge_bundles / stat_edge_bundles for drawing hierarchical edge bundles
  • power_trans for creating power transformations
  • trans_reverser for reversing any transformation (flipping direction)
  • radial_trans for transforming between radial and cartesian coordinates
The github page contains a list of pending extensions that will (hopefully) be developed.

with best wishes and happy new year

Thomas Lin Pedersen
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