03Jan2021 GoGreen #654th Sunday Endurance ride 2 Chikka Tirupathi

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GoGreen Rao

Jan 1, 2021, 10:16:53 AM1/1/21
Dear GGI,
Wishing you and your family Happy New Year 2021
This Sunday 03Jan2021, being the firs ride of the year, as usual we would like to dedicate this ride to Chikka Tirupathi and take lords blessing and start the year.
South Starting point : RIS
Meeting Time : 5:45am
Central meeting point :
Silkboard Junction
Meeting time : 6:00am
Distance : around 70kms
Covid-19 pandemic special Note
1) We suggest all the riders to maintain social distance
2) No Mask No ride..+ advised to wear Face shield
3) This event is opened for maximum 20 members only.
You can enjoy your ride if you strictly follow these Safety tips.
Dress Code : GoGreen Endurance & Night safety Jersey .. People who don't have one can order on www.gogreengocycling.org/order
Please Go through our Do's & Don't s section on our website
About GoGreen:
Check out our most appreciated "Don't wait for the Change. Be The Change" Our profile video.. 

GGI Group (Go Green Initiator) is part of www.GoGreenGoCycling .org consisting of professional who are putting efforts from past 11 years & its known to be Indian's biggest community who cycle together & create awareness,requesting people to takup Cycling as a mode of transport & at the same time appealing communities to Go Green by Saving all kind of Natural Resources & Nature around us that are contributing to GLOBAL-WARMING. Come and join us to be part of our initiative & be a proud member of GoGreen Family.
We have successfully organized 600+ GoGreen Campaign rides with a distance ranging from of 25 to 100+ kms. We cycle along the city roads to spread the awareness of Going Green & at the same time we also train the newly joined members to bring in the confidence of cycling with the traffic, eventually converting them and making them Independent from Fossil Fuels, Last but not the least, With the concept of Going Green, we do encourage our GoGreen family members to cycle to office by leaving back their cars that are causing traffic jams.
GoGreen, for a better tomorrow, GoCycling
By attending or joining this event, you agree to the following:
"I have read the rules and understand the nature of this event. I agree that I am entering the event at my own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the event.
By attending or joining this event, if any harm, injury, loss, liability or damage is caused to me or my property, I AND/OR any of my family members or representatives shall not hold the Group Creators “GoGreenGoCycling" or its administrators and members and organizers of the event liable or responsible for the same.
In case you do not agree to the above, please refrain from joining this event.
#GoGreen #GoCycling #Environment #PolutionFree #DontPolute #SaveTrees #SaveFuel #IRP #IRideWithPride #Pride #Plog #Running #Yoga #Helth #workout #C20 #NoFuel #NoCo2
Please escuse us for any spelling mistakes,Errors or Omissions
==========Ride Strong but Ride Safe , Happy Cycling


Dec 31, 2021, 7:30:27 AM12/31/21
to GGI Group, GoGreen Rao, GoGreenRao
I wonder if there is going to be the ritual trip to Chikka Tirupathi on the first Sunday of 2022 (i.e on 02-Jan-2022). If so, I would like to join. Kindly let me know details.


Rajkanwar Jolly

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Hi GG Rao,

As every year, are you planning a ride to Chikka Tirupathi the coming Sunday (02 Jan 2022)? If so, kindly share the details - timing, route etc. so that I can join the group again this time.


Rajkanwar Jolly 


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