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Sep 25, 2012, 9:51:59 AM9/25/12
I purchased my Iittle thermal printer from Adafruit.I wanted to print out some non-Latin characters,such as Chinese,Japanes,Korea,with this thermal printer (A2-raw),
and the user manual did mention it has built in GB18030 Chinese character other than ASCII(since this printer was made in China).

After some testing, it only printed out ASCII codes. So I emailed the company based in China who made this printer to see if I can print Chinese characters. They sent me a little tool (an executable file) that you can set the printer to print out various languages(codes).
Unfortunately it didn't work out on my printer,just showed the error message,and I can't read the information in the debug text file. so I upload this file(virus free, I've run this on my pc) to rapidshare to anyone who wants to use it.
Let me know if you successfully set it to your desired codes.

here is the file  AClasTool.exe


Paweł Skórka

Mar 30, 2017, 12:48:43 PM3/30/17
to Printer
Hi. I'm uploaded firmware with this program and my printer dead. Now i can't communicate with AclasTool :(. Maybe you have orginal bin file of this printer. Let me know. :)
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