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Abdulkadir Arslan

Nov 22, 2022, 12:45:23 AM11/22/22
to gf180mcu-pdk-users

I want to implement OpenFPGA flow, create my own basic 2*2 homogeneous FPGA using an open-source backend tool (OpenLane), and send it to GFMPW0.

As it is evaluated in the link there are three options to harden in the Caravel environment:

1- Hardening the user macro(s) first, then inserting it in the user project wrapper with no standard cells on the top level:
If this is the right path in the backend tool, the steps might be like following I assume:

Creating CLB, Switch Block, X-Y Connection Block macros. Then putting these macros together to create a Tile macro. Using this last macro 4 times and create 2*2 CLB. Lastly, making I/O connections. (Does this seems right?)

2- Flattening the user macro(s) with the user_project_wrapper

3- Placing multiple macros in the wrapper along with standard cells on the top level

I also want to know about:

what do you recommend for the OpenLane backend tool from the above options?

Finally, is OpenFPGA compatible with GF-180 pdk?

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