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Wilson Junior

Dec 21, 2020, 10:55:24 AM12/21/20
to Grammatical Framework
Hi all.

I am not getting transform Str to Numeral using Resource Grammar Library (NumeralEng). I saw that mkNum function works properly for entry "25", but if I try put a dynamic entry such as symbolic value, it is not working.

For example, the follow code is referring to my abstract syntax:

abstract Transform = Numeral ** {
flags startcat = Command ;

Call3 : Cardinal -> Command;
Call2 : String -> Cardinal;
Call4 : Cardinal;

and the follow code is referring to my concrete syntax:

concrete TransformEng of Transform = NumeralEng ** open SyntaxEng, ParadigmsEng, SymbolicEng, NumeralEng in {

Cardinal = Card;
Command = Num;
Call3 c = mkNum c; -- Num
Call2 s = symb (mkSymb s.s); -- Card
Call4 = mkCard "77"; -- Card


This code compile properly, but I can't transform dynamic string too numeral.

Running the code:
Transform> gt | l
seventy &+ - &+ seven

Transform> p "77"
Call3 (Call2 "77")

0 msec
Transform> p "77"|l

Inari Listenmaa

Dec 21, 2020, 11:57:38 AM12/21/20
to Grammatical Framework
Hi Wilson,

This is not a bug, but a feature of GF. When you take a runtime String as an argument, you may only take its string value and construct a NP or Card out of it. But you may not do any of the following:
a) split the string,
b) attach another string to it with +,
c) pattern match it.

In order to return "twenty-five" for the input "25", you need to pattern match the string "25". 

As long as we do this when defining our lexicon, pattern matching and using + are perfectly fine. But the problem here is that you're trying to do it in a function that takes some runtime argument. See this gist for a minimal example: https://gist.github.com/inariksit/edde72f43d439571c79f8ef758443c11 

If you need to transform digits to written numerals, it's best to do it outside GF.



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