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Karl Grossner

Jan 27, 2018, 2:08:20 PM1/27/18
to Getty Vocabularies as Linked Open Data

I'm currently working with both 'explicit' dumps and the sparql endpoint, trying now to filter TGN terms/places by source. I have a list of all ~3900 sources, but need to do a grouping query to get 'source-id, source-label,count(*)'

I've tried the following, but get the not-useful browser error: "The connection was reset". I get that a lot from the endpoint, though many queries do work.

select ?source ?en ?nl ?c {

  {select ?source (count(*) as ?c) {

     ?term <> ?source .

  } group by ?source order by desc(?c) limit 100}

  ?source gvp:prefLabelGVP [xl:literalForm ?en].

  optional {?source xl:prefLabel [xl:literalForm ?nl; dct:language gvp_lang:nl]}}

I've also tried simply getting all term_id/source_id pairs, planning to put them in a database and do grouping & counting there, but although 2.6m pairs are returned as the count in the browser, a CSV download only gets 624,262 of them. Another mystery.

Any help, suggestions appreciated!

Richard Light

Jan 29, 2018, 6:26:09 AM1/29/18


If you're using the default endpoint [1], it might help to include a test for TGN-only concepts in your query:

  ?term skos:inScheme <> .

When I add that criterion, I don't find any sources with the gvp:prefLabelGVP property, though there are clearly plenty in the AAT.  What search did you use to get your 3900 sources?

Best wishes,



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Richard Light

Karl Grossner

Jan 29, 2018, 9:00:22 AM1/29/18
to Getty Vocabularies as Linked Open Data




Thanks. I originally got the tgn sources from a dump file, but I can also get them from this (the sources don't have inScheme property)


select ?id ?short_title ?title ?license {

    ?x  void:inDataset <> ;

        rdf:type bibo:Document ;

            dc:identifier ?id ;

            dcterms:title ?title ;

            bibo:shortTitle ?short_title ;

            dcterms:license ?license .



I also have the dump file TGNOut_SourceRels.nt, so I’m going to extract <term, source, sourceid> triples from that, put in a database and do my counts there – the filtered set would wind up in the database anyway.





Feb 24, 2018, 5:52:18 AM2/24/18
to Getty Vocabularies as Linked Open Data
The simplest count query gives error "This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset."

select (count(*) as ?c)  {

  ?concept skos:inScheme aat:

In contrast, this query works ok:

select * {

  ?concept skos:inScheme aat:

} limit 100

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