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Hector Yuen

Mar 10, 2017, 7:35:39 PM3/10/17
to sentry

I am trying out some serializers and testing captureException() with raven on python, where are the limits set in how many objects we dump to sentry? I have an array of 500 elements, but only the first 16 are displaying in sentry.

Also I am playing with chopping the serialized output length, when I chop it to a string of 30 characters, the array looks bigger. Anyways, is there a configuration parameter to set how much we save? I know there is a parameter to the serializers called 'string_max_length' that we have to respect, but even after doing that I lose some information.

I am suspecting this is set on the client side, because to the server it was just a json file with some random information.


Ted Kaemming

Mar 13, 2017, 8:15:22 PM3/13/17
In addition to the client side trimming (which you already noted), there are a few different server side maximum lengths, defined here:

The bulk of the trimming is handled within the normalize function of the event manager, if you want to dig in further to identify what's happening in your specific scenario:

One thing worth noting is that the trim function will track the size of the *entire* data structure, so variations in the size of the individual members may cause different results in the case of a sequence or mapping type.

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Ted Kaemming

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