How to get an average output?

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renxin huang

Jul 19, 2023, 5:04:53 AM7/19/23
to GETM-users
Dear sir!

I now want to output an average results. I try to set up the setting 'meanout', howerer, it did not work. For example, what we need is an average results, like a 24h-average result, we set the timestep = 8, step_2d = 450, step_3d = 450, meanout = 10800, while the output results are similar to the setting 'meanout = -1'.

Is it right to set up? Please! I would really appreciate for any advices. Thanks.


Jul 19, 2023, 5:11:14 AM7/19/23

Dear Renxin Huang,

not sure about "results are similar to meanout=-1". meanout=-1 does not produce any meanout files, whereas meanout>=0 should do so. could you please give more details?

in addition, you can try the flexible output with time_method=2, see

Cheers, Knut


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Jul 19, 2023, 5:34:55 AM7/19/23
to getm-users

so "results are similar" refers to missing nc files? maybe you run with runtype=1?

On 7/19/23 11:30, renxin huang wrote:
Hi, Knut,

we know 'meanout = -1' does not produce any meanout files.

we have tried two cases to test the setting 'meanout', one set -1 and the other set 10800, while the output results are similar.

we use the getm.inp file to configure the output, and we will try the other method. Thank you for your help!!!


Jul 19, 2023, 5:58:09 AM7/19/23
to getm-users

On 7/19/23 11:46, renxin huang wrote:
the getm.inp file has added. So the average output is a independent nc file?

yes, *.mean.* files will be created. In the log files (stderr) there should be "Mean fields in: <filename>".

Please reply to getm-users.

Cheers, Knut

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