Call for Papers: SASE Conference 2023 - Rio de Janeiro

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Simone Pulver

Dec 2, 2022, 2:41:40 PM12/2/22

Call for Papers: SASE Conference 2023 - Rio de Janeiro

Network S: Environment and Climate Change

Network S, SASE’s newest network, is releasing its first call for papers for the 2023 annual conference being held in Rio de Janeiro. The Network aspires to advance a broad, interdisciplinary, and critical dialogue on the interactions between the economy, society, and the environment. The theme of this year’s conference, “Socio-Economics in a Transitioning World: Breaking Lines and Alternative Paradigms for a New World Order”, is squarely in line with these aspirations. Drawing on the observation that fossil fuels have both enabled spectacular economic development for some, while simultaneously putting the very survival of the planet in peril, this year’s theme points to the urgent need for a radical break from current paradigms of production and consumption. 

In addition to the core challenge of decarbonizing economic life, we are also facing an unprecedented level of ecosystem collapse as well as looming physical risks from climate change that threaten to further derail our cities, homes, and sites of work and enjoyment. Now more than ever, the social sciences need to investigate the environmental basis of economic activity in order to assess the possibilities and tradeoffs for transforming our political, economic, and social institutions toward less socially and ecologically catastrophic modes of living.

For this year’s conference, we invite papers that examine both institutional change and persistence in response to multiple and simultaneously unfolding environmental crises. We seek to understand why institutional change has been so incremental and to identify instances where lasting transformations have been achieved and sustained. This includes work that focuses on national and international policy developments as well as innovative approaches that center on market coordination and private self-regulation. We are also particularly interested in understanding how proposed solutions affect those least responsible yet most vulnerable to these changes, both in the Global South and North. An overarching goal of this Network is to consider how the dominant political economic structure, call it capitalism, is positioned to address the socio-ecological crisis, and to identify and engage with plausible alternatives.

Submission deadline is February 1st. Abstracts and panels may be submitted here:

For questions about Network S, contact any of the organizers: 

Stephanie Barral (

Neil Fligstein (

Ritwick Ghosh (

Ian Gray (

Simone Pulver (





Dr. Simone Pulver

Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Director, Environmental Leadership Incubator

University of California at Santa Barbara

Foundations of Socio-Environmental Research (Cambridge University Press)

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