Understanding adminCode5.txt, hierarchy.txt and admin columns in the main table

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Adam Samec

May 25, 2020, 1:01:47 PM5/25/20
to geon...@googlegroups.com

I have read the main "readme.txt" file but I still don't understand what data are stored in the "adminCode5".txt and the "hierarchy.txt" free gazetteer data files. Looking at these tables, I understand that both files store some ids in the parent/child relationship but don't know in which table can I find the names for these records, or where these ids point to.

My second question is where can I please find names and ids for the "admin3 code" and "admin4 code" columns of the main geoname table. In the case of the "admin1 code" and "admin2 code" columns, it's clear because there exist respective "admin1CodesASCII.txt" and "admin2Codes.txt" files which contain the names and ids. However there are no ""admin3CodesASCII.txt" nor "admin4Codes.txt" files.

Please can you help me understand these points?

Kind regards

Paul Nee

Jul 15, 2020, 9:40:45 AM7/15/20
to GeoNames
Dear Adam,

I wonder whether you have made some progress on/found an answer to your second question. I am also struggling to attach a meaning to the admin3/admin4 codes. In addition, I think the admin2codes' txt-file is far from complete: http://download.geonames.org/export/dump/admin2Codes.txt

Would be very happy to hear whether you found something.

Thanks and best, Paul

Adam Samec

Jul 21, 2020, 6:38:31 AM7/21/20
to geon...@googlegroups.com
Dear Paul,

unfortunately I haven't advanced with any of these issues. I agree that the records in the admin2codes table are incomplete. If you find some answers to your questions, please send them also here.

Good luck.

Kind regards

15. 7. 2020 v 14:39, Paul Nee <bobi...@hotmail.de>:

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