Using Geonames data in open source code

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Ashish Patil

Jan 4, 2021, 5:58:40 PM1/4/21
to GeoNames
I want to use Geonames data files in a open source project to perform fuzzy lookup of city names locally and returns possible matches with their lag/long (Fuzzy geocoding).

Since the data is licensed in CC Attribution 4.0 license, I am not sure how do  I attribute approproately.  

I am planning to:
1. Place a header in my source files with link to your site.
2. Also a link with original license information on projects main github page.

Apart from that is there any other way I should be attributing ? 

An off topic question is , does using CC 4.0 licensed work in my open source project limit what kind of open source license I can use for my project ?

Any advice/guidance will be highly appreciated !!

Ashish Patil
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