Case Study by J. Doughty on past forays into SRM field research

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Geoengineering Our Climate (eds. Blackstock, Miller and Rayner)

Feb 17, 2015, 11:28:51 AM2/17/15
Dear colleagues,

For the "Geoengineering Our Climate?" Working Paper Series, Jack Doughty (University College London) has written a case study on a number of outdoors research activities (Yuri Izrael's experiment, E-PEACE, and the SPICE test bed) that have either self-identified or been identified with the investigation of SRM approaches, paying attention especially to their implications for governance.

It is titled: "Past Forays into SRM Field Research and Implications for Future Governance", and can be read and
downloaded at:

Best wishes to all,

Sean Low

Stephen Salter

Feb 17, 2015, 1:31:27 PM2/17/15
Hi All

Jack Doughty could also have mentioned the film made by Discovery Channel of the amazing result from cloud seeding flares off Liaaplek in South Africa.  They had been told that conditions there meant that it always had perfect strato-cumulus cloud.  When we arrived with a 40-person film crew, an aircraft, helicopter, ship and support vessels there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  John Latham and I kept telling the producer that we were trying to make existing clouds a tiny bit whiter and that it could not possibly work with no cloud.  Filming 'experts' making fools of themselves is great television so they went ahead anyway and lit up the flares.  
My very rough engineering estimate was that it was about two minutes of the output of a spray vessel.

The result was stunning.  It created a very white cloud from nothing, about 5 km by 1.5 km.  At that time of day the cloud top would be reflecting about 800 watts per square metre over an area of about 7.5 million square metres which I make to be 6 GW, more than the peak electrical demand of Scotland.   It spread out slowly but was still visible about two hours later. 

The air mass must have been extremely clean.  Perhaps it had been over Antarctica for months.  A picture should be below.

The heavens did not fall and nobody went to jail.


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