The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour; The Great Awakening

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May 10, 2022, 10:04:14 PM5/10/22

Dear Lost Tourists,


We have, it seems, come full circle. Most of us have grown up with bicycles and throughout our lives we seldom think about it; that early tricycle or that cherished 10-speed is permanently etched in the back of our minds. We can still see the colour, we can still remember where we went or who we visited. Sometimes we can drive that favourite road that was gravel back then but 6 lanes now and lament about what we have lost; not only as a cyclist but as a society. There is good news here; some of those old roads are still out there and some very good ones indeed are around the old Loch known as Pepin.


Other prayers answered:

  • The weather for the coming weekend may be pleasant with a slight chance of rain. Last Monday, May 9, a severe storm blanketed the entire area with heavy rain and hail; don’t be surprised if you see slight damage. No-one was hurt, no bakeries were damaged.
  • Our nefarious deed is coming to fruition and will be ready for the Tour. When you complete the descent of the Bay City Hill, watch for the Loch Pepin sign and stop for a photo while your brakes cool.
  • If you are still on the fence about Saturday Dinner or Sunday Breakfast, call Brenda at Turning Waters B&B&B to make reservations and payment. She is coming up short and rest assured, you will not be disappointed with what she has planned. Don’t forget the Hoppy Girl Brewery will be at your beck and call. Dinner starts at 5pm and Breakfast is 9am.
  • The tourbooks have been subjected to the mighty jaws of the huge Acme stapler; all are done and bagged in a waterproof/sweatproof ziplock along with a pen so you can write down your oxygen-deprived thoughts about ascending the dreaded Bay City Hill. Don’t forget the bagtag; you’ll find one in the aforementioned ziplock. Don’t put it on your luggage, it belongs on your saddle bag and you will see other clever methods of display when you wander about.
  • Weekend parking is in Colvill Park back by the swimming pool pavilion. Please stay in a tight group since it is fishing opener and they will need a lot of space for the trucks with boat trailers.
  • Please arrive at 7am. Crackers, that’s early but we have hundreds of handshakes and hugs and introductions. We require all riders to sign in and sign up for the prize drawing. We have a message from The Queen and last but not least, we have the Blessing of the Bicycles. All this frivolity seems like fluff but in reality, is a very important part of The Tour and is not to be missed.
  • Attendance is up to 117; a healthy crowd without question.


Best along the Path,

Jon Sharratt, Shirt-Tail Organiser,

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