The All-British Cycling Event; Carry on We Must

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Sep 14, 2022, 6:38:06 PMSep 14
Dear Mourners of the Realm,

We English ex-pats are a hearty lot but goodness, the recent news of Noel and Elizabeth is a bit much. I suspect she died of a broken heart after hearing of the loss of Noel. It often happens this way; a devoted couple will pass within days of each other.
If you fancy employment as a Liveried Stable Master, contact King Charles III once the transition of power is completed and he wakes up from his nap.
Meanwhile, our Tribute to Sir Noel will proceed on Sunday at full-speed-ahead and damn the torpedoes.

Other less important bits:
  • Storms are predicted for Friday's meet-and-greet so bring appropriate rain gear and be prepared to stand under the eve since we won't have room indoors.

  • The Saturday Gentleman's Tour will remain unchanged; meet at Merlin's Rest at 9am.

  • With any luck, our News from the Queen was written before she passed; the Canadiens hopefully have the answer.

  • Andy will have new "Ride on Sir Noel" buttons available plus a new edition of The Weekly World News.
  • A Bagpiper will appear at 1pm on Sunday and we may have a screech-along with cheat sheets.

  • For the CycIe Jumble on Sunday, I will have 3 small boxes of Noel's bicycle bits and bobs; have a look, anything is available for a free-will offering with the proceeds going to the family to help with costs. Mark Stonich has a similar situation; he will sell a good assortment of parts for a free-will offering.

  • Bicycle judging on Sunday will be suspended due to lack of time. Nutter's Choice will carry on as usual so vote for your favourite Trusty Steed, sign your name, and you will automagically be entered in the prize drawing.
  • Stories Both True and Otherwise will be the icing on the cake; jot down notes of your favourite Noel story and be prepared to tell the tale. I have a signed and submitted 2-pager from Tim Long that I will read in Tim's absence. It's a cracker.

  • Dave Sieving will tell the tale of Noel's final night in his touring tent.
  • Bring any photos of Noel you feel are appropriate; we can put them on display indoors if necessary.

  • As mentioned, instead of a featured marque, we have a featured colour; bring a black bicycle for the Robinson Ride.

  • Pizza and Silver Knight Ale will be available after the Robinson Ride as usual.
Best along the path Sir Noel,
Jon Sharratt,
Shirt-Tail Organiser

John Hardy

Sep 15, 2022, 3:01:17 AMSep 15
Sir STO,

Could you please snag a Ride on Sir Noel button for me. We are presently in Dijon France trying to figure out when we can safely travel home. I am getting over the crud and my wife Dawn tested positive this morning. Hopefully we can fly back Monday or Tuesday. 
I expect to be able to attend the 1st Wednesday in November 

John Hardy 

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