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Jun 1, 2022, 8:40:04 PMJun 1
to Gentleman Cyclist
Hi Kit 
 Thanks so much for answering my ad. 
I too share a passion for Moultons although I'm not sure why. I think I most admire their.
 "quirky " nature. 
You are a lucky man with your Safari. I've never seen one and I've been on the lookout for Moultons around here ( Ma) for over 30 years.
I see Moultons for sale all the time on Ebay UK but the shipping costs really make them out of reach. 
If I can help you with any Moulton stuff from this side of the pond, please let me know.
Oh, are you a member of the v-cc (Veteran Cycle Club)?  Just curious. Chuck

Jun 2, 2022, 7:54:50 AMJun 2
Hello Chuck,

It's the engineering of a Moulton that always appealed to me. I rode one of the white Demonstraters in the summer of 1962 and was immediately hooked. At the time I was the Secretary of the Oxford DA of the Cyclists Touring Club and rode the Demo on our Sunday club run, much to the amazement of o=my fellow club members. 🙂 While it wasn't the world's best climber, and lacked a few gears for me (the demos were 4 speeds) it left all the others for dead on the downhill sections!

After my test rides I wrote a report for my local dealer and he forwarded it to the Moulton factory. I commented on the lack of mudguard stays (there was only one per side!) and the poor braking, but generally I was most impressed. I read that there was likely to be a tourist version of the basic Moulton, which was right up my street, and I went to the 1962 Cycle Show to see if one was on show. The Moulton stand there was a high point, with a roller ig right on the stand showing how the suspension worked, and joy of joys, a Safari in that lovely olive green there as well. I asked how much it was likely to cost and was told '£40 or so', which was quite expensive at the time, but just about within my reach and I asked if I could order one. The late Dave Duffield, who was Moulton's Sales Mager at the time, said that they were only thinking about putting the Safari into production, and hadn't decided on it yet.

Poor Dave, I went back to the stand every hour until the show closed asking to place an order 🙂 an d eventually he said  they'd had enough interest to build them and he asked me to confirm my order with my dealers! I took delivery around Easter time in 1963, and it cost £43/19/11 (that's in old British money...) and I still have it, or much of it anyway. I've developed it over time, and now it has a Sachs 3x7 rear hub with a 4 speed block and a Huret Alvit 1900 rear gear, and I've swapped the Williams AB77 cotterless chainset from my Speedsix.

I've attached a couple of pics of it here.

Talk to Jon Sharratt about my Safari, he rode it when I brought it over to Twin Cities in the 90s, he and I worked for the same firm for many years, and that ride switched Jon onto Moultons too and he has a number of them in his amazing basement.

I'm not a member of the V-CC, no, perhaps I should be? I've been a member of the Moulton Bicycle Club for many years though, my Mem. No. is 862.


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Jun 2, 2022, 12:01:05 PMJun 2
to Gentleman Cyclist
Hi Kit
 Can you contact me at my other email?
Each time I try to post, I get a message that my post is too long thanks Chuck
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