The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour; Buffed and Waxed

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May 3, 2022, 12:42:48 PMMay 3
Dear Anxious Riders,
The Tour is coming together nicely, the clock is ticking down and now you should be searching under the stairs for all those hub parts that seem to gravitate there. Time to put them in a pile on your bench and head upstairs for a bit of reinforcement. 3-speed hubs are a bit like watches; mysteriously complex and best left under the stairs.

Other bits and bobs:
  • Attendance is at 106; an impressive number and soon (at 120) we will need to activate the Emergency Waiting List for Nutter Attendance. (EWLNA) And that, dear friends is something we have not needed for years.
  • Tourbooks are done and printed; every Nutter receives one and in it you will find the basic written route, points of interest, historic markers and overlooks and space to write your thoughts, impressions and estimated weight, including pie, of your Trusty Steed. Keep in mind we are travelling around a lake clockwise as viewed from above. We have had problems with this.
  • If, by remote chance, we have impossibly pleasant weather, the Wisconsin side gets busy with motorbikes and dumptrucks. In summary, it may get loud from time to time so stay the course, the shoulders are good.
  • A note about fitness; you should be able to ride a 40-mile day with some impressive hills including the Bay City Hill; an impressive Snowdonia-quality brute that rambles up for 2.5 miles. That being said, it's a bit early to begin your training regimen.
Final update next week.

Best along the path,
Jon Sharratt, Shirt-Tail Organiser
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