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Aug 24, 2022, 8:53:25 PMAug 24
Dear Thirsty Nutters,

The old saying about best laid plans has now been proven without question. In short, Barley John's is not closing after all (the buyer backed out) but their old familiar schedule is changing. The reports of their demise was greatly exaggerated. Their new schedule is Wednesday through Saturday so our new meeting schedule is "The first Wednesday of every month". Bottom line is the next meeting is Wednesday the 7th of September. No more pesky holiday Mondays mucking up the works.

Now, on to the ABCE. Since Barley John's is not dead yet, I've asked if we can show up on Sunday the 18th as usual. No answer yet, but it's all good since we have a backup plan (Bent Brewstillery) that includes pizza and beer. The ABCE website now has corrected dates and, in a bit of blind enthusiasm mixed with an epic Freudian slip, a confirmation of Barley John's as our location. Take it with a grain of salt and I will confirm either way.

Mixed messages,
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