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Gianluca Miscione

Aug 4, 2020, 2:09:13 PM8/4/20
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Gianluca Miscione
University College Dublin

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Dear Gianluca,

I only wanted to share this link with you: https://wis.fi/program/     



Wednesday 26.8

10.00 Opening words

10.15 Keynote 1

           Professor Tobias Mettler, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

           The Bright and Dark Side of a Connected Workplace for Health and Well-Being

11.00 Session 1 Core concepts for ethical considerations in data utilization

11.00 Mikko Vermanen, Jani Koskinen & Ville Harkke “Internet of Things (IoT) Data Accessibility: Ethical Considerations”

11.30 Milla Aavakare & Shahrokh Nikoum Challenging the Concept of Digital Competency – Through the Assessment of Information Literacy and Digital Literacy”

12.00 Jani Koskinen & Minna Rantanen “What is a PHR? Definitions of Personal Health Record (PHR) Used in Literature — a Systematic Literature Review”

12.30 Sami Hyrynsalmi, Sonja M. Hyrynsalmi & Kai K. Kimppa “Blockchain Ethics: A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Research”

14.00 Session 2 Respecting vulnerable groups

14.00 Konsta Rantakangas & Raija Halonen”Special Needs of Elderly in Using Web-Based Services”

14.30 Hanna Kirjavainen & Harri Jalonen “The Many Faces of Social Withdrawal in Hikikomori”

15.00 Saaga Somerkoski “Youth Attitudes towards Immigrants in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland”

16.00 Session 3 Improving quality and containing cost in health care through digitalization?

16.00 Ágústa Pálsdóttir “The Adoption of New Health Information and Communication Technology: Perception of the Abilities to Use New Technology and Possibilities to get Help at it” 

16.30 Heini Utunen “Basic Occupational Health and Safety Training for Ebola Virus Disease Missions – Reaching Frontline Responders”

17.00 Olli Sjöblom, Sonja Turnbull-Smith, Heikki Minn & Jani Keyriläinen “Comparison of Cost and Time Effectiveness between CT- and MRI-Based Radiotherapy Workflow for Prostate Cancer”

Thursday 27.8

10.15 Keynote 2

           Director Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland

           Topic to be announced

11.00 Session 4: Using Information Technology respectfully to improve customer services

11.00 Chenglong Li “Comprehending User Satisfaction with Smoking-Cessation Online Health Communities: A Social Support Perspective”

11.30 Stefan Stepanovic “Incentivizing the Use of Quantified Self Devices: The Cases of Digital Occupational Health Programs and Data-Driven Health Insurance Plans”

12.00 Ting Long “Understanding the Social Media Use in Tourism: An Affordance Perspective”

13.30 Session 5 Collecting the fruits of respect in entrepreneurship and organizations

13.30 Mari Hartemo & Mika Suutari “Utilizing Digital Tools to Enable Participation and Promote Respect”

14.00 Phuong Thao & Shahrokh Nikou “Trust and Respect in Entrepreneurial Information Seeking Behaviours”

14.30 Minna Rantanen & Jani Koskinen “Respecting the Individuals of Data Economy Ecosystems”

15.30 Session 6 Expressing respect through participation and understanding

15.30 Rima Gibbings & Nilmini Wickramasinghe “Respecting the Patients’ Needs: Supporting Connected Care Using the Accountability Shared Model”

16.00 Mary Sio Lai Karppinen, Jori Karppinen & Raija Halonen “Understanding the Difficulties of People with Dementia and Their Caretakers in Finland”

16.30 Brita Somerkoski, Päivi Granö &Teija Koskela “Practical Training in Teacher Education: Reflecting Physical and Psychological Learning Environment”

17.00 Summary, best paper award and final words

17.30 End of the conference

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