build errror - ptxas - _1.ptx (_ptx_eEcrmXinfo:1) Syntax error:

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Vikas Ramachandra

May 3, 2017, 2:09:37 PM5/3/17
to gem5-gpu Developers List
I am getting this error:

GPGPU-Sim PTX: generating ptxinfo using "ptxas --gpu-name=sm_20 -v _ptx2_TBfAxp --output-file  /dev/null 2> _ptx_eEcrmXinfo"
GPGPU-Sim: ERROR while parsing output of ptxas (used to capture resource usage information)
GPGPU-Sim:     _1.ptx (_ptx_eEcrmXinfo:1) Syntax error:

   ptxas info    : 0 bytes gmem

 when i tried to build :

build/X86_VI_hammer_GPU/gem5.opt ../gem5-gpu/configs/ -c /home/viki/Documents/compro/gem5-gpu/benchmarks/rodinia/backprop/gem5_fusion_backprop -o "16"

Kindly help me through this.

Thank You


Jason Lowe-Power

May 3, 2017, 2:51:11 PM5/3/17
to Vikas Ramachandra, gem5-gpu Developers List
Hi Vikas,

Two possible things could be causing this. 
1. Did you modify the kernel code for the benchmark in any way? This could be the syntax error you're seeing (unlikely, though).
2. Make sure you're using the exact versions of compilers we list in the google doc linked from the wiki. It could be a problem with compiler versions.
2a. Make sure the correct version of the CUDA compiler is in your PATH when you run gem5 (not just build the workload). ptxas is run *at runtime* as well as at compile time.


Yichen Yang

Mar 4, 2021, 10:23:36 PMMar 4
to gem5-gpu Developers List
Hi Vikas,

I encountered a similar problem these days. Did you solve this problem? If so, what did you do?

Thank you so much!
Best, Yichen

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