Interim Dalliances and Distractions

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Mar 19, 2012, 9:13:22 AM3/19/12
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Last Friday (4/16) we discussed a couple of possibilities for short-
term study--to be covered in one or two meetings. One was a blog piece
on stripping Ruby down to just procs and demonstrating what can be
done with it. In essence, it's a sly argument for functional
programming, titled "Programming with Nothing" (
programming-with-nothing). We scheduled this for discussion in two
weeks, which would be 4/30 by my calculations.

The other thing I had floating around in my backpack was a classic
paper by Leslie Lamport on the timing/ordering of events in
distributed systems. It came from a list of 10 must-read articles for
CS types by Michael Fogus, coauthor of The Joy of Clojure (http://
read-at-least-twice/). Each paper would be worth a full meeting, so
working through the list would take awhile. Whether we tackle it or
not, the list is worth a look.

Next week, in Mike's absence, Dave and I will take a look at things
Markovian. I'll review Markov Decision Processes (MDP) as used in my
thesis and we'll try to figure out how that relates to the Hidden
Markov Models in Russell and Norvig.

Dave Colwell

Mar 20, 2012, 6:07:40 PM3/20/12
Thanks for the recap, John.  I'll pull out my notes on Hidden Markov Models from the AI class.  See you Friday!

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