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Sergey Zhdanovskih

Sep 17, 2019, 3:43:35 PM9/17/19
to gedkeeper-en
Released version v2.16.2

- Implemented moving notes up and down [Milan Kosina].
- Implemented line wrapping in the HyperView of information panel.
- Added check for file existence when creating multimedia records.
- Added verification of the database for multimedia records (lack of files, archives, storages).
- Added support for relative paths to media files [Milan Kosina].
- Fixed the choice of the type of file storage in the multimedia dialog.
- Implemented the removal of multimedia files when deleting their records.
- Fixed event output if an additional event type is not specified.
- Fixed renaming and deleting of location records.
- Fixed merging family and individual records, transition buttons in editing dialogs, button images.
- Fixed editing dates of events with periods.
- Added new diagnostics for data verification: for families without spouses and/or children [Kevin D. Sandal].
- Added hotkey for saving files from tree diagrams.
- Fixed support for formats with zero IDs of records.
- Fixed opening files and OSM geocoder operation.
- Cleaning and optimization, improved support for two third-party GEDCOM formats.
- Fixed the script of the portable package.
- Fixed the work of the "Compare databases" tool.
- Fixed external viewing of PDF files (and other not supported by the embedded viewer).
- Proofreading of the English manual [Kevin D. Sandal].
- Implemented preliminary support for GedML format.
- Fixed pedigrees localization.
- Fixed Calendar plugin.
- Fixed overlapping of neighboring persons in tree diagrams.
- Fixed incorrect parsing of interpretable dates from Ahnenblatt.
- Fixed missing substructures in media records from extraneous files.
- Fixed convert links to sources in source records .
- Fixed convert media links to media records, and convert non-standard x-references.
- Fixed reading standard coordinates of the place.
- Minor improvement of circle chart.
- Improved support for several GEDCOM file formats.
- Fix of sorting the columns of some tables.
- Fix of long-distance displacement of male nodes (tree chart) in the presence of more than
one marriage and a large tree of descendants from the first wife.
- Improved date input in the event dialog with regional format settings.
- Bugfixes for FlowInput plugin.
- Added the possibility to create and connect plugins to replace record's edit dialogs.
- Restored loading recent files.
- Created a new plugin for managing "folders" in GEDCOM files (to separate work areas in large files).
- Added option to automatically detect charset of GEDCOM files at load.
- Fixed execution of Lua scripts.
- Reduced memory consumption when loading large files (25-42%).
- Optimized a number of functions, allowing to significantly increase the speed of loading and processing large files
(from 30 thousand records to very large files - 91mb, 538 thousand records, load time 25 seconds!).

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