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Feb 5, 2024, 2:18:18 PMFeb 5
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After bringing up Descendants by Generations script (in GEDitCOM Script  editor) I uncommented :

! Users can customize this report to inlude more events on each individual
! For each event, add a list with three items:
!   1. GEDCOM tag for the event to include
!   2. text to described the event (in past tense)
!   3. "true" to include place and address or "false" to just have the place
CreateList extraEvents
! For Example: to include burial events
CreateList oneEvent,"BURI","was buried","true"
extraEvents.addObject oneEvent
so that it would show BURI info. Running the file from script editor did not show any BURI at all.

Did the same thing with:

! Users can customize this report to include more details about each spouse
!   1. To include spouse details, add keywords for the desired details to this list
!   2. See help on "description" scripting command for list of valid keywords
CreateList spouseDetails
spouseDetails.addString "PRON","BD","BP","DD","DP"

But the same thing here: No spousal info shown in report.

This seems to indicate there is a problem with the GEDitCOM Script Editor?

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