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Dec 5, 2023, 2:01:54 PM12/5/23
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I want to changer my .jpeg helper app from Preview and,  despite following all the instructions in Help, the change has no effect.

If the file has the extension .jpg or the FORM line has jpg, then all is good. But my files have .jpeg extensions so the FORM line also gets jpeg automatically and then, changing the helper app doesn't work

I think jpeg is the current GEDCOM preferred standard rather than jpg.

Does the setting file need amending to allow helper apps for jpeg to be changed.

BTW, I also changed the MacOS settings to permit this change in Finder but that has no effect in GeditCom II.



Dec 5, 2023, 2:47:48 PM12/5/23
to GEDitCOM II Discussions
Sorry, John. It was early morning (4am) down under and I was even thicker than usual. Jpegs are covered if you scroll down the list. All good.


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