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S. B.

Nov 3, 2016, 11:08:57 PM11/3/16
to geckolinu...@googlegroups.com
Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce updated releases of all eight (8) spins of the GeckoLinux Rolling editions. The GeckoLinux Rolling editions are live installable images based on openSUSE Tumbleweed with its frequent and extremely well tested stable rolling releases, combined with Packman driver and multimedia support. After installation, GeckoLinux Rolling systems can be easily updated in sync with the current release of openSUSE Tumbleweed. These GeckoLinux Rolling 999.161031 spins have been a long time in coming, as a huge number of Tumbleweed changes have occurred in the interim. But finally some minor bugs have been solved upstream, and numerous GeckoLinux tweaks have been implemented where necessary.

Changes to all GeckoLinux Rolling editions: Practically the entire base system is new, with updated versions of the Linux kernel (4.8.4), systemd (228), GTK3 (3.22), Qt (5.7.0), Freetype2 (2.7) and glibc (2.24). Also the GeckoLinux language-installer.sh  script for non-English language packs has been updated to be more reliable and easy to use. Additionally, the new libqt5-qtstyleplugins-platformtheme-gtk2 package is now used for unified theming of GTK and Qt applications. The Tumbleweed base release is 20161031.

Rolling Cinnamon edition: This edition now features the Cinnamon 3.0.7 environment. Download it here:

Rolling XFCE edition: This edition maintains the same version (4.12), but benefits from the numerous upgrades to the base system. Download it here:

Rolling Gnome edition: This edition delivers the major new Gnome Shell 3.22 release with many popular Gnome applications, together with all of the common upgrades to the base system. Download it here:

Rolling Plasma edition: This edition ships the greatly improved Plasma 5.8.2 desktop environment, with the latest versions of popular related KDE applications. Download it here:

Rolling Mate edition: This edition features the major new release of the Mate 1.16 desktop with many popular related Mate applications. Download it here:

Rolling Budgie edition: This edition features the greatly improved 10.2.8 version of the Budgie desktop, together with all of the common upgrades to the base system. Download it here:

Rolling LXQt edition: This edition comes with the new 0.11 release of the LXQt environment and related utilities. Download it here:

Rolling BareBones edition: Users with more specific needs can easily install a customized openSUSE Tumbleweed system using the GeckoLinux Rolling BareBones edition as a starting point. It comes with LightDM, Openbox, Firefox, a terminal, YaST, and not much else in terms of applications. Download it here:

As always, you can read about GeckoLinux and download the latest releases at the official website: http://geckolinux.github.io

Have fun!

S. B.

Nov 5, 2016, 2:02:26 PM11/5/16
to GeckoLinux-updates
Hi again, sorry for the download issues. The SuseStudio service seems to be having another bad day, so I moved all of the GeckoLinux Rolling 999.161031 downloads to Sourceforge. Please see the original release announcement with updated download links. Thanks! Have fun.
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