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S. B.

Dec 30, 2016, 4:56:31 PM12/30/16
to GeckoLinux-updates
Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce updated releases of the GeckoLinux Rolling editions. These are live installable images based on openSUSE Tumbleweed with its frequent and extremely well tested stable rolling releases, combined with Packman driver and multimedia support. After installation, GeckoLinux Rolling systems can be easily updated in sync with the current release of openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Changes to all GeckoLinux Rolling editions: The base Tumbleweed system is now at the 20161226 snapshot version. The Calamares installer has received some minor bug fixes and an improved configuration to remove all of its unnecessary package dependencies from the installed system. Additionally, the official Google Chrome repository is now available and pre-configured out of the box, together with the previously available Google Talk plugin and Skype repositories. And finally, third-party package repository signing keys have been pre-loaded so that users are not prompted to trust them on the first run.

Cinnamon Rolling edition: There are no new changes apart from those previously mentioned in the base system. This edition features the Cinnamon 3.2 environment. Download it here:

XFCE Rolling edition: There are no new changes apart from those previously mentioned in the base system. This edition features the XFCE desktop environment at version 4.12. Download it here:

Gnome Rolling edition: This edition features the Gnome desktop at version 3.22. In addition to the previously mentioned changes to the base system, it now offers Gnome Online Account integration. Download it here:

Plasma Rolling edition: This edition, featuring the Plasma desktop at version 5.8.4, now comes with small cosmetic tweaks and the Baloo5 search engine available out of the box. Download it here:

Mate Rolling edition: There are no new changes apart from those previously mentioned in the base system. This edition features the Mate desktop environment at version 1.16. Download it here:

Budgie Rolling edition: This edition is currently on hiatus until the next major release of Budgie is packaged and maintained in a permanent repository for openSUSE.

LXQt Rolling edition: This edition comes with the 0.11 release of the LXQt environment and related utilities. This release now includes Bluetooth support, which was missing from previous releases. Download it here:

BareBones Rolling edition: Users with more specific needs can easily install a customized openSUSE Tumbleweed system using the GeckoLinux Rolling BareBones edition as a starting point. It comes with LightDM, Openbox, Firefox, a terminal, YaST, and not much else in terms of applications.
In the case of the BareBones edition, to run the Calamares installer, 1) Open the graphical terminal, 2) su root 3) calamares
Download it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/geckolinux/files/Rolling/999.161230/GeckoLinux_ROLLING_BareBones.x86_64-999.161230.0.iso/download

As always, you can read about GeckoLinux and download the latest releases at the official website: http://geckolinux.github.io

Have fun!
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