[Static] [XFCE edition] 421.160605.0 fixes numerous small issues

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Jun 6, 2016, 11:26:40 AM6/6/16
to geckolinu...@googlegroups.com
Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce a new bugfix release of the
GeckoLinux XFCE edition, which addresses numerous small but irritating
issues in the default configuration:

- Trash can (rubbish bin) functionality in the live system is now fixed.

- Thunar no longer interferes by mounting partitions that the live
installer needs to use. (Note: To fix this, it was necessary to disable
automatic mounting of removable media in the live session. The installed
system has it enabled as always.)

- The Thunar right-click Archive/Decompress options now work correctly.

- The system no longer hibernates after an hour of inactivity.

- The ugly xscreensaver lock screen no longer interferes with the pretty
light-locker lock screen. The xscreensaver utility is only used for the
screensaver with fade-to-black functionality after 10 minutes of
inactivity, and xscreensaver is still in charge of DPMS (turning off the

- The YaST software manager no longer throws ugly warnings about the 3rd
party Google repository.

- Firefox now uses a simple default profile so that it doesn't prompt to
be set as the default browser.

- Contrast has been improved for the XFCE panel in order to better see
the active window item.

- The HPLIP tool no longer starts automatically in the installed system.

- The VirtualBox message that appeared at login has been disabled.

You can download GeckoLinux STATIC XFCE edition here:

Thanks for reading. Have fun!
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