1.0 beta 2 release (0.9.8)

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Ricardo Biloti

Jan 30, 2009, 2:41:06 PM1/30/09
to GêBR
Once again, GêBR release team proudly announces the release 0.9.8,
which brings new functionalities and many bug fixes. It's available
through download page. We advise user to switch to this release

What's new in GêBR 0.9.8?

* Support to revisions. Now, it's possible, at any time, to save
the present configuration of a flow. This allows to save key
parameter's values. So you do need to be afraid to play with different
configurations for your flow. You can save as many states as you like,
and recover them later.
* Groups. Many bugs were fixed, mainly in DéBR.
* Drag and drop support in DéBR is complete.
* Detailed views in DéBR, a la GêBR, turn the edition of menu more
* Several others bugs fixed in GêBR.

Bráulio Barros de Oliveira

Jan 30, 2009, 6:23:16 PM1/30/09
to ge...@googlegroups.com
Segue também o anúncio do beta 1:

1.0 beta 1 release

posted Jan 16, 2009 2:34 PM by Bráulio Barros de Oliveira   [ updated Jan 18, 2009 3:13 AM by Ricardo Biloti ]
The GêBR release team is glad to announce the first beta release for 1.0. This beta reached important milestones like a new menu designer, DéBR (replacement for the old GêBRME) and groups support. A frequently used flow can now became a menu, using "Export as Menu" option, to be further used with all menus.
Packages for Fedora (also works in Scientfic Linux), Debian/Ubuntu, Mandriva and openSUSE are all available at Download section for you to taste it.


The sucessor of the old GêBRME is DéBR, a new menu designer for GêBR. It maintains a very coherent user interface with GêBR itself. It is much cleaner than the old interface and make menu creating and editing much faster and intuitive.


The interface has a more eye-candy look with new icons and also toolbars and improved popup menus that greatly improved usability.
The navigation bar helps when your memory fails. Things in which order matters now can be moved with drag n' drop. There is also many other smalls things you'll love.

Groups support

Finally, GêBR gained groups support. Groups are containers for a set of parameters, making possible to have sets of parameters grouped with a label and even duplicate this set and/or set parameters to be mutually exclusive.

What's next

GêBR as in beta still gets new features but mostly fixes and tweaking in preparation for the 1.0 stable release, which is going to be the first official release.
Your help in testing, finding bugs and giving sugestions is just what we need now. See How to help for more information.
There is a TODO (in portuguese) of what is intended for 1.0.
For more screenshots go to Screenshots.
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