Remove the deprecated isDisabled(), isEnabled(), isReadOnly() and isEditable() methods of Navigator

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Sep 27, 2016, 5:45:20 AM9/27/16
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while I understand the rationale behind the change, I think that it makes Geb slightly more difficult to use. If I want to check an input's the `disabled` property, I explicitly need to call `.module(FormElement)`, either in my spec or in the page content DSL.
Since Geb (or rather the Navigator) already knows that the Element is an `input`, IMHO that step should be performed by Geb.
See also the discussion on


Marcin Erdmann

Oct 2, 2016, 1:35:53 PM10/2/16
Hi Johen,

Sorry for a late reply.

I disagree. It's still fairly easy to check input's disabled property, you can use either the attr() method of Navigator or the @ syntax, which is redefined for Navigator as attribute access operator:


The `isDisabled()` method has been moved to FormElement module class as you've noted because the boolean value it returns is semantically correct only for buttons, inputs, options, selects and textareas. I believe that the move leads to a cleaner API and therefore the minimal overhead now required is justified.


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