Does gearadmin --priority-status work for anyone?

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Octavian Naicu

May 25, 2022, 4:49:36 AM5/25/22
to Gearman

we're using Gearman with one queue/function and all 3 priorities. We want to build a Grafana dashboard with the queue structure stacked in terms of priorities. This would allow us to view how many HIGH jobs are waiting, estimate when NORMAL jobs will start, etc.. .

We were looking at using a persistent queue to extract the data when we came across gearadmin --priority-status and the prioritystatus telnet TEXT command.

However we're unable to get meaningful results in testing.

We've pushed 100 high, 50 normal and 10 low jobs on the foo function with 0 workers and this is the output we're getting:

gearadmin --priority-status
bar 0 0 0 0
convert 0 0 0 25
foo 1 1 2 0

So only 1 high, 1 medium and 2 low ?!  gearadmin --show-unique-jobs shows all 160 unique ids.

We've also identified the merge for this feature . Seems fairly straightforward but I have little knowledge of C/C++ so unable to properly debug.

Octavian Naicu

May 30, 2022, 5:40:46 AM5/30/22
to Gearman
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