gdnsd with geoip setup and configuration (newbie)

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Apr 13, 2016, 10:08:09 AM4/13/16
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Greetings All,

I have recently been searching for different DNS solutions that incorporate geoip location features when I came across GDNSD.  Having looked at almost everything from BIND, PowerDNS, SkyDNS, CoreDNS, and others, I realized that they may not  meet the needs of my project.  I also looked at Anycast with PowerDNS but am not clear if that is a good solution either as I have never set that up.

Although still very new to gdnsd, I have read that it can be configured for geoip location and direction which seems to be exactly what I need.

For my project, I have 2 servers that have Ubuntu 15.05 and 14.04 on them with a domain name that I have registered over at Godaddy and I would like to use these servers for testing to get gdnsd w/geoip set so that each one would be a nameserver (NS1 & NS2 respectively).  On each of these servers, I will also be running similar web servers (for testing purposes) and would like the user to be directed to the physically nearest web server to their location. I may also add 2 more geographically separated web servers as well so that I can see how gdnsd w/geoip will work but really have not idea how to configure gdnsd and set up the geoip plugin although I have installed the gdnsd from the Ubuntu application program manager which I am guessing installs the base configuration.

Would someone be so kind as to please help me figure out how to set up a simple configuration for gdnsd and geoip to work on these 2 nameservers that I am trying to put together?

Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sheers and have a great day,
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