Impossible to Upgrade to GKE 1.22 version

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Alberto Arranz

Jun 8, 2022, 6:05:11 PM6/8/22
to gce-discussion
Hi all, 

I have this warning message from Google Console for my GKE cluster

This cluster will not be scheduled for an automatic upgrade to v1.22, the next minor version, because your API clients have used deprecated APIs in the last 30 days that are no longer available in this version. 

Deprecated APIs called                                      API  Total calls (last 30 days)    Last called
/apis/  11494                                            Jun 7, 2022, 5:52:00 AM

Although I re-checked that our ingresses are in apiVersion since months ago

Do you know how GCP checks if you are ready to upgrade to GKE version 1.22?, if there is some where any logs with more info about these ingresses GCP is complaining about?

Thanks in advance,
Alberto Arranz

Leonardo Belloc Mendiola

Jun 10, 2022, 6:55:15 PM6/10/22
to gce-discussion

GKE is sending the message because the cluster has reached his current version end of life so it will be automatically updated to v1.22;  however, you can choose whether you’d like to upgrade the cluster manually or still let GKE do it automatically 

In order to  be ready to upgrade the cluster, there are beta APIS that are already deprecated; this includes your ingress v1 beta 1. You can follow this guide to migrate your API .

Also, you can use the following example query using kubectl prom2json, and  jq   to determine which deprecated APis have  been requested  


kubectl get --raw /metrics | prom2json | jq '

  .[] | select(.name=="apiserver_requested_deprecated_apis").metrics[].labels



This command has been exactly copied from this guide that can be used if more info is needed [5].

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