Load Balancer for Application using Socket and HTTP for communication

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Michael Chandra

Nov 15, 2021, 3:36:30 AM11/15/21
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I have an application which has this feature:
1. Public API
2. A connection to connect with a socket server (me as client) which will make inbound and outbound requests. The connection between me as a client and the socket server must only use 1 IP Address.

How should scale I my instance?
I am thinking about using 2 load balancer which is, HTTP load balancer and TCP load balancer. However I am concerned about the outbound requests from TCP load balancer, if some instances created from the TCP or HTTP load balancer, can it connect to the socket server as the IP address from main instance?

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Pedro Moreno

Nov 15, 2021, 6:24:56 AM11/15/21
to gce-discussion

As your question about scalability might be open, about scaling your instance I would introduce you to the extended documentation on [Patterns for scalable and resilient apps](https://cloud.google.com/architecture/scalable-and-resilient-apps) and [Choosing the right virtual machine].

It may also be worth to check the [Cloud Architecture Center](https://cloud.google.com/architecture?category=compute) and [Design Robust Systems](https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/tutorials/robustsystems) documentation part. 

Same for second question about choosing a type of [Load Balancer](https://cloud.google.com/load-balancing/docs/choosing-load-balancer) and [it's decision tree](https://cloud.google.com/load-balancing/images/choose-lb.svg).
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