Delete old project with no owner?

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Cade Thacker

Nov 2, 2021, 5:55:05 AM11/2/21
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Hello folks, I am cleaning up some old projects that I abandoned a long time ago (like 5 years ago). They were just "play" projects, where I deployed a few small hello world apps, but then disconnected billing from them. 

For one project in particular, I created the project using a separate workspace for a potential customer so that an account in that workspace was "owner" and then I added my personal email as "viewer" (in hindsight, I have no idea why I did this). 

About 2 years ago, I deleted that workspace because I was no longer using it and the customer didn't pan out. Fast forward to today...I went in today to delete that project there are zero owners. Just my personal email as a viewer and a few of the default service accounts. 

I tried to submit a support ticket, but it requires the account to be part of an org so that then I can setup $30 a month billing so I can submit 1 ticket to delete the project. which I can't do because I'm not an owner. 

I tried to see if I could totally remove my personal account and just abandon the project but that didn't seem an option here. I feel totally stuck :( 

Anyway, I'd love some advice on how to clean this up. I don't have a problem submitting a support ticket and paying for it, but the reality is I can't get the Project into the Org to then setup the billing because..... 

there is no Owner :D 

chicken.. meet... egg...

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