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James Wickett

Oct 5, 2012, 3:55:59 PM10/5/12
Ok, so I put gauntlt in the test framework at my company this week.  We are using cucumber to run integration tests and smoke tests.  For now I am putting gauntlt in the smoke test stack.  These tests get run when a new node is built.  Here is a list of random observations that I wanted to throw out there and see what people think.

1. gem install gauntlt was nice and easy!  worked straight away on my linux box
2. the example nmap.attack (yes I wrote most of this) is not correct in how it deals with output. bummer.
3. the sslyze attack was way better at handling the "sslyze is not installed" scenario than nmap (we should standardize)
4. I found myself wanting to set TEST_TARGET environment variable and then have gauntlt use that as the endpoint to test instead of hardcoding the hostname.  What are other people doing?

We can talk about this on the call today if people are interested.



J.H. Wickett, CISSP, GWAPT

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