New alpha-level build of Gargoyle for Mac OS X and Retina

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Brad Town

Apr 18, 2015, 11:18:47 PM4/18/15
TL;DR: Alpha-quality build of Gargoyle with Retina support for i386 and x86-64 available to goof around with.

I thought I'd try my hand at building Gargoyle for Mac OS X with Retina support (thanks to the patch attached to for getting me started). I had a lot of, er, fun getting it to build – I use Homebrew instead of MacPorts, so I had to hack a few things here and there, but it's up. If anyone out there would like to give it a try:

I've tried it on only a small handful of Z-machine and Glulx files. There's virtually no chance I didn't miss something important, so beware. It's a universal build for both i386 and x86-64, so if you still need it to work on PowerPC, stick with 2011.1.

To handle what I think is a small chicken-and-egg problem with getting things scaled properly, I threw up my hands and added a terrible, terrible hack to the config file. You'd need to add the following:

--- cut here ---
fontscale_hackhackhack 2.0    # Ugh.
--- cut here ---

If you don't add that, it'll still work, but the fonts and margins will be tiny.


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