gargoyle losing line breaks

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Geoff L

Mar 9, 2014, 9:15:04 PM3/9/14
I recently encountered an issue during Tads 3 Development. I was trying to use line and paragraph breaks to separate text output, and the recommended methods weren't working. Development was done in Linux, using Gargoyle as an interpreter.

In my troubleshooting I ran the exact same code on a Windows machine with the HTML Tads Play Kit interpreter, and it handled the breaks properly. As far as I can tell, Gargoyle is responsible for dropping the formatting cues. Here's some of the code that wasn't working:

"<q>Is that really what I think it is?</q> you whisper.
<.p><q>Yes!</q> she whispers back."


+++ AltTopic "<q>Is that really what I think it is?</q> you whisper.\b <q>Yes!</q> she whispers back."

I initially posted the issue here:

Is this a known issue? Am I right to blame the Linux gargoyle-glk program?

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