Gardenet on Chameleon Cloud architecture

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Sep 15, 2020, 7:52:11 PM9/15/20
to gardener
Hi there, right now I'm installing Gardener in two Kubernetes clusters. The first one is allocated on a local server and the idea is to connect it via Gardener on a remote Kubernetes cluster which is located on Chameleon Cloud (an OpenStack iaas type).
While I was doing the introduction on Gardener, they asked for some credentials that I don't know how to get (and implement) on the following architecture.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-16 at 1.50.53 AM.jpeg
I'll appreciate some help with it or some reference where I can find guidance on the process.

vasu 1124

Sep 29, 2020, 5:44:16 AM9/29/20
to gardener
Can you post your question on slack #gardener channel ( please?

A quick recommendation from my side is that the local setup (for the central Gardener component) is problematic because if you want to utilize the cluster in the cloud as seed, then you need to install the gardenlet there and network connectivity back to your local server (behind a firewall/gateway I presume) would certainly be an issue. 
Rather try to install everything Gardener in the cloud, see OpenStack (even though supported) is not documented explicitly, but it should be straight forward and you can get help via slack.

Pavel Pavlov

Oct 1, 2020, 6:02:29 AM10/1/20
to gardener

Hi Heberth,

Would you be interested to join us in one of the next bi-weekly community talks to talk about your idea and goals. The title for Chameleon Cloud (“A configurable experimental environment for large-scale cloud research”) sounds quite interesting and maybe someone from the community will be able to give ideas.

Next community call is Tomorrow, 2nd Oct at 10:00CET. You can see our agenda for tomorrow in and join us over zoom In this call one of our community members will talk about the contribution he did for Yandex.Cloud, might be interesting for you. If tomorrow is not good, you can check out the recording and we would be happy to talk to you on next call, expected for 16th Oct or in the slack #gardener channel (, as suggested by Vasu.

Best Regards,

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