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Andy Miller

May 10, 2015, 7:05:46 PM5/10/15
NOTE: Although this primarily pertains to Joomla for now, Gantry 5 for WordPress is coming very soon! So it will become relevant quickly!

As you may of noticed we have been blogging these last few months on about Gantry 5 development:

Along with this we have rebuilt our Gantry website:

The new blog location (please subscribe to the RSS).  Information regarding the latest RC1 can be found here:

Extensive documentation for both Gantry 5 and Gantry 4 can be found here:

We have moved our primary "Gantry 5" support to

And also we have a dedicated "Gantry 4" support room:

We will be closing new signups for these mailing lists today (as they haven't been monitored like they should), and I strongly suggest moving to Gitter for chat and support.


Andy Miller

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