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Michael Vizdos

Mar 19, 2012, 2:13:21 PM3/19/12

It's Mike Vizdos (hope you remember me!).  I need to first apologize for going "dark" for the past month... I had some business travel to take care of and then we had a family emergency.  Life.  Goes on!

Update on what's been happening... 

We now have a space at the Employment Transition Center (the former Innsbrook Library at 4060 Innslake Drive, Glen Allen, VA 23060).  The Director there is excited to have us share the space.  While we basically have the run of the place for whatever we need, we are setting up a "permanent" corner upstairs directly to the right.

We have finished our first "Brown Bag" (thank you 89paint!).

We are up on facebook ( and Twitter (@GPHenricoCty) and we have a website (

We have been having people pop in and out.

Here's what we need next....

First... PLEASE get involved however you can.

We are planning on getting some posters printed to put up in our area, along with hanging a pirate flag (anyone have one they can share with us?).

When you do stop by, please be courteous to the staff up front... they are still learning who "we" are!

When you do stop by, please tweet out about it (maybe something like: "Working out of @GPHenricoCty right now -- join me!") or whatever works for you.  The idea is to get people seeing that name coming up in Twitter, as you may know -- this HELPs spread the word!

"Like" the Facebook page ( and share it with your friends.

We need people to start showing up on a regular basis.  Or as often as you can.  We'd like to start getting it branded as "our little corner" of the world.

We have talked about the concept of "Anchor Companies"  -- how about this -- for now... show up and get involved!  At this point any time you can start spending there will help *you* in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

It's all good stuff.

Anyone interested in helping me keep the website updated (it's already outdated ugh)?

Officially we are also now a 501c3 -- which means we are a non-profit at a national level.

Take a look at to see what is happening out west (Arizona).  I was out there last week again and WOW it is changing the economy there.... imagine what we can do here.  We are *just* getting started and things will not change overnight, but we do need people to participate.

Freelancer, a company person, or just "interested" -- let's talk.

Remember the reason for this little google group is for us all to share information together here.

If you'd like to contact me directly, please call me anytime at 619-709-1716 or

We'll keep moving forward.

Be dangerous.  And have some fun with life :).

Talk soon, and I'll be back in next Monday -- but stop by anytime M-F 9:00 - 6:00 (except Fridays until 4:00).

If you tweet about being there (remember @GPHenricoCty) I'll probably respond too!

Thank you.

- Mike Vizdos


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