Intro and networking request - VR-based movement and art therapy

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Michael Stauffer

Jun 10, 2021, 2:26:57 PMJun 10
to Games for Change
Hi everyone,

I just joined this group - thanks to Susanna for sharing the link during the VR for Good meeting today.

I'm looking to chat with people about my project and their work.

I'm developing a VR-based digital therapeutics program to help neuroatypial populations (e.g. those with Autism, ADHD, sensory integration and neuromotor challenges, behavioral and emotional challenges), as well as people with early-stage Dementia and pre-Dementia. It's based on a fun, flowing rhythm game and music sculpture tool, full of music, dance, and visual arts, and uses techniques from occupational, dance, and music therapies. There's a bit more info here:

I'm looking to chat with people who work in the field with neuroatyptical and Dementia populations, to learn about their work, how they use or don't use technology, and for feedback on my project. This might be therapists, special education directors, researchers, or caregivers of people with Dementia or neuroatypical challenges.

If you know anyone who might be interested, I'd love to chat with them.



Maria Clara Mesa

Jun 14, 2021, 4:33:23 PMJun 14
to Michael Stauffer, Games for Change
Hi Michael, 

Really cool project!

In Alternova, my company, we are developing a bunch of digital therapeutics in the field that you are in, most of them are video games. We are working on games and apps across platforms to diagnose and intervene ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, dementia & Alzheimer's (this one is in VR, called Labyrinth), dyslexia. We are developing these for clients such as Neuroscape and the Gabrieli Lab at MIT and also work with a bunch of startups in similar projects.

I'd be glad to meet you and learn about your project. I can share with you our experience from the development perspective. 

My calendar.



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Alex P.Real

Jun 16, 2021, 4:19:13 PMJun 16
to Maria Clara Mesa, Michael Stauffer, Games for Change
Hello there!

Thank you so much for getting involved with neuroatypical people. I head GBS|CIDP Spain- Immune-mediated Polyneuropathies, aimed at empowering people living with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, CIDP, MMN (multifocal motor neuropathy) and other rare dysimmune neuropathies (and their families and friends).  And yes, we're all neurological divergent, ranging from toddlers to the elderly. We are frequently involved with research (clinical, patient QoL, etc) and would be delighted to have a chat and help out wherever we can.

Longer term we're looking into games aimed at rehab, learning to live with these rare diseases, and anxiety/depression. We might get involved with translation into Spanish.

On the other hand, I live with my son's ADHD (and some other members too). Should you be interested I can introduce you to other people/ nonprofits.


Alex P .Real

Michaela Ternasky-Holland

Jun 24, 2021, 10:34:31 AMJun 24
to Games for Change
Hi Michael,
Echoing everyone else on this thread! Amazing project. Have you looked at Healium at all? I am happy to send an intro email to Sarah Hill, who founded the company. 

Misha Samorodin

Jun 24, 2021, 1:18:50 PMJun 24
to Games for Change
Hello there, I have an interest in learning more, I want to create a VR art therapy tool for young adults with Autism. I like the idea of using art therapy as a tool as well. I myself struggle with this as I have mild Asperger's, so I can speak from experience.
I think if we can find a way to combine forces, the idea could expand so much greater! I am based out of Vancouver Canada by the way, where are you? I am also a 3D artist with industry experience at a small studio called Banging Rocks: But am now in the process of developing my own applications along with collaborating with others.
The links are to my personal portfolio. 
Here is my Linkedin as well: 
Misha Samorodin 

Michael Stauffer

Jun 26, 2021, 10:16:17 AMJun 26
to Games for Change
Hi Misha! We actually talked earlier this year. I've been moving ahead since that time, but slowly. Were you able to try the Groove Catcher alpha that I sent (steamVR)? Do you have a Quest 2? If so I'd love to have you try the Quest version when it's available later this summer, and get your feedback and exchange ideas again.


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