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A gamecard is a card that allows you to purchase game credits. This can be at any game store such as Game or EB Games, but you can sometimes buy gamecards online with certain reputable websites like Steam and the Microsoft Store.  The game industry now does not offer physical copies of games anymore. All games now are digital, meaning they are only available on your console system's online store and cannot be bought in store and installed onto your console.

Once purchased, game credits can then be used to buy specific things for any game including: DLCs, items within the game itself, new cars/planes/horses etc., subscriptions (for online play).

Gamecards often come with different amounts of credit based on the price at the game store. You can also purchase gamecards based on the game store you are buying it from. For example, if you are buying a gamecard at EB Games, they currently have gamecards consisting of $15, $25, and $50. If you are buying your gamecard somewhere like Steam or the Microsoft Store then they would consist of more credit because their games are generally more expensive than games at EB Games for example.

There are many reasons why someone would buy gamecards over just purchasing digital copies themselves. Some examples being:

- Someone might not have a credit card or debit card so they might want to use cash instead

- Some people may not be comfortable with giving out their personal information online to make purchases yet (in game industry, gamecards are used to buy game-related products/services that are not available via other methods)

- Some game services have a paywall where you cannot access certain game content unless you purchase it with credits. This is especially evident in free games which offer cosmetics and other game content that can only be purchased with game cash.

As the game industry continues to move forward, more stores will begin offering gamecards so players have alternative options for purchasing their favourite games.