Lottery Filters: Reduction, Strategies, Systems, Software

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Ion Saliu

Dec 11, 2017, 2:26:09 PM12/11/17

The filters are restrictions or eliminating conditions in specialized lottery software to reduce huge amounts of lotto combinations from play.

The filtering is at the core of every lottery strategy. There is a multitude of dynamic lottery filters available only in Ion Saliu’s software. Such filters create countless (probably thousands) of dynamic lottery strategies.

This URL leads to the best presentation of lotto filters, both mathematically and practically: 

Theory of Lotto Filters, Filtering, Reduction Systems, Lottery Software.


The lottery players (software users) need enable only a fraction of the filters. Just a fistful of filters downgrade the lottery odds significantly — to very manageable amounts of combinations to play.

•        Furthermore, some filters can be set with the goal to go wrong! Yes, expect the filter-settings to fail. Instead of playing the output, we eliminate all combinations generated by the intentionally-wrong settings. This feature is known as Reversed Lottery Strategy or LIE Elimination System.

Creating the lottery strategies has a dedicated eBook. The analysis is comprehensive and profound. The manual also covers the latest in lottery software that creates the best-ever strategies.

The Best Lottery Strategies: Foundation, Application of the Lotto Strategy Concept.


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