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Ion Saliu

Nov 30, 2015, 6:05:15 PM11/30/15

 Upgrades to Markov Chains Lottery Software

The first version of this software triggered an error if the user chose a very low range of analysis. It happened that a few lotto numbers might not have had Followers. The user would see empty lines: Numbers did not come out, therefore had no Followers. You would have to run the Report function again with higher (longer) parpalucks.

There are important changes to the Markov-Chain-style programs, November 2015: Both Followers and Follower-like Pairings can have null lines; i.e. no Followers or no Pairings. A null line is represented now by -1 (minus 1).

New, the Followers and Follower-like Pairings are generated by the same methodology. The Followers are still calculated by the longer analysis range for pairings (ParpaluckP). The Follower-like Pairings are generated by the shorter analysis range for number frequency (ParpaluckF).

This Markov Chains methodology also shows an improvement in performance based on analyses of past drawings in several lottery games. Plus, there are no more errors caused by empty lines (null values).

Axiomatic one, read this, will you?


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